Beatles I Feel Fine10'' Audiodisc 78 RPM Acetate 1964
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You are about to bid on a very rare 10''78 RPM two holed acetate .  This has the aluminum center.

It is an Audiodisc acetate record. These are also known as master Lacquers or reference Lacquers.

It bears the label Audiodisc recording blank. Producers and band members would listen to and preview the disc before it was put out for final press. 

Beatles' I Feel Fine" and "Shes a Woman" is on it. 1964

Lorne Green's "Ringo" is also on it. 1964

Has a mystery song on it called "Doe Doe".  I Have no idea who sings this song. 

"I Feel Fine " by The Beatles and Doe Doe are on one side.

 Lorne Green's "Ringo" and "She's A Woman" by The Beatles is on the other side.  

Origin of the disc is unknown. I do guarantee that this is The Beatles "I feel Fine" and "She's A Woman "recorded on the disc. I also Guarantee that it has Lorne Green's" Ringo" on it. 

Vinyl condition is G+/ VG-  Has warped edge that does not make it skip.

Plays all the way through without skipping.

Has five small chips in outer edge also. This does not effect play or sound.

 labels are VG+ with just a hint of staining from old age. Songs are hand written in ball point ink.

Lorne Green's "Ringo" side is hand written in blue ballpoint pen with a NO# 3 circled in front of it.

"I feel Fine" side by the Beatles is hand written in red ballpoint ink and it looks like Doe Doe has a NO#6 in front of it.  SE

As a side note, I found a Day Tripper 10''Audiodisc Acetate on the same label as this one.

I've included this information for comparison only. The site can be found at 

Once your in the acetate beatles site go to "others " from there go to "odds and ends". Day Tripper and 1964 Press Conference Vancouver disc can be found there. 

Vancouver press conference disc is on the exact same label as this. The year was even the same 1964. And so was the color for that matter.

If I am not mistaken the color of the labels were the same blue and white . Day Tripper looks yellow and blue in top pic but it is actually blue and white as seen in bottom second pic. I've included this for comparison and information  purpose only.

  Day Tripper disc is hand written in the same type format ball point ink on the label as mine. 

I make these statements as historical observations only.

The letter '' D'' in the title on my  disc appears to be identical to the Day Tripper acetate title.

It appears they both have the same loops in them from what I can tell.

I am no expert and don't claim to be. I am only making observation that I have noticed.

If you have any questions feel free to email me and I will try and answer them.

Please serious bidders only.

If you dont have any  feedbacks please contact me before bidding.

Good luck and happy bidding Beatles collectors on this ultra rare and precious Acetate


On Aug-05-08 at 06:55:22 PDT, seller added the following information:

Hello i've been asked if this was truly the Beatles on this disc singing or another group or singer.

I am posting this so every one will see it . Yes this is the original Beatles on this disc singing not someone else. 

I put a guarantee on this acetate that this is the Beatles recorded on this disc.  Origin unkown as I stated in text at the beginning of add.

Also it is Lorne Green's Ringo recorded and sung by Lorne Green on disc.This song actually charted at no#1

I feel Fine by the Beatles went Gold. Thanks for your time. I hope this helps to clarify everthing on this acetate.


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