Hundreds Of Old School Dance House Techno White Labels And Promos WITH LIST
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A massive collection of White Labels and Promos - Old Skool, House, Techno - mostly 1991-1998. Great labels - Warp XL Labello Blanco etc - Most have speed written on label (owned by ex DJ) and the condition is generally VG+. One or two have small warps from storage. All in all a lifetimes collection of good stuff, no crap. Collection only from Lewes Nr. Brighton.

Framed ?– Pure Pressure / Pure Pleasure E.P. W/L

Blunt Trax Vol.1

Fantasy Ten City 2LP xor 1940

Nitrous Moonwalk Kinetic

Quad - Donuts and Crackers Kint4

New Foundations - Brief as Possible W/L

The Time Frequency EP

Raving Mad remixes DJV011R W/L

Pet Therapy Voices that care W/L

Urban Jungle Productions ?– Do You Hear / Bongo Man W/L

Kid Unknown - Devastating Beat Creator

Odd Ball 3 Flex Uncle W/L

GTO Tip of the Iceberg

MAD EP Vol 1 MAD001

Ruff Groove Narrow Boy EP RG001 W/L

Altern8 Everybody Remix

D Major - One Step

Life on Mars Vol.2

Black Records - Give it UP

Conspiracy - Here Goes the Boom Promo EP

Family Foundation - One Blood Mini Album

Family Foundation - Express Yourself

Kick Squad - Sound Clash W/L

Renegade Soundwave - Renegade Soundwave remixes 12mute146

Voltage Control - Forced Inquisition

Elicit - Bass Construction - Dance with Power


INI - Burnin’ Up

RHC - Reach The Remixes DJ PROMO

Trunk House - straight outta hell

M-Beat - 12RNKT7 w/l

2whiteboyz UNL01 W/L

Tranquil - Let yourself go W/L

Little Jack - what’s E for dad W/L

Intruder FX - heaven W/L

DJ Phantasy Dis Beat Kicks W/L

Dope Device ?– Let Yourself Go W/L

Bass to Bass Renn3001 W/L

Rising High Collective - No Deeper Love

Kenny Larkin - We Shall Overcome

Simon Chandler, marc Gilliam, Ryan Miles - Glide

Two Dark - Everyone

Velocity - who dares spins

Metanoia - 16 Million believers

This is the sound of Tribal vol. 2 - 2LP

Splice - Bass Odyssey Promo

Altern8 - Everybody

Mystic Knights - Wrath of Khan promo

Detune - Irridation

Lionrock - Carnival Promo

Techno Logic HDX002 W/L

Out-Phase Drop the bass

Feedback Max - Intense 6

Sweet Exorcist Clonk WAP9

Tekniq Vitamin E

Pandemic - it’s a tough beat promo

Gravity WL002 promo

Noise Engineer - NTX1213

Unknown Artist ?– Somebody Better Groove W/L

Bass - Gun Connection

Blame ?– A21 / Sykological Hostage w/l

Hardcore Frontier - Badboy Bass promo

Xenophobia - Hypo Pscycho EP

LB28 Alive Vinyl Christmas gift

Sons of a loop de loop era - RYeah

DJ Hype - The Trooper Promo

The Beloved - sweet harmony

Bad man Convention - When you hold me

Industrial- Tribal Trance

Pete the Lodger - Ghetto of the Mind

Jelly - Day Dreamer

Reel2Reel JGS001 W/L


Terrorise - Feel the Rhythm

Freshtrax - ftrax16

Doom Tunez - Dreadnought

DJ Jama - Tempa

Mix Moore - Time

Order2Move - Fresh Contex

Subway - Launch Pad

BF1 Untitled W/L

Marina Van Rooy - Go2 remixes W/L

Salmon’ Techno - Just Dance

Syko Splice DJ Disney - This is the Future

Splice - Aspects of Dub EP W/L

R-2001 - Your Touch

Warehouse Wax - Volume 1 (Perception)

New Class A - You can Do it

Nicolette - Wickd Mathematics

DJ Space - The Visitor

Rafa Tedesco - Love is 7th St

Jam and Spoon - Right in the night

Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall

Atomic - I want your love

Digital Boy - This is a Muthaf***

Zulu Record Hold me 10” W/L

Boomtown Productions - Return of the Doctor W/L

The Communal Mind Ep W/L

Intoxx - Intoxx Pt 1-3

Sterling - 20 quid W/L

One Dove - Why don’t you take me

Ronnie Suriya + Mattie F - Summer Vibrations

Earth Leakage Trip - Neapolitan EP

Smart E’s - Loo’s Control

Smart E’s Sesames Treat

Mad Pulsion - Keep the Frequency

Strictly Rhythm 4 LP

DJ Pap - You’re too close

OM10 a decade of future music 2xLP

Dennis Ferrer - Change the world

2 bad Mice - after dark

Potential Bad Boy - Brok Wild W/L

Jungliest - Pure Problem W/L

DJ Massive - Everybody Feel it


Creative Rhythm - Energen EP

Sound Crop - Regen Time Pt 2

MK13 - Feel the magic Ep W/L

The Bouncer - Kicks like a mule

Tracid Posse - C’mon Squire

STY1 3STyle Coz W/L

Noise Overload - Right here Right Now

Fierce Ruling Diva - You gotta believe

RJ’s Rule - Rave This Nation

Positive Science Ascension 3

Jack Trax - The Fifth Album

Century Falls 2xLP

Nick O-D Tearin’

Full Dread - Stur 26

Hackney hardcore Stur16r

Concept 2 - Money 2 W/L

Atomiser 2 - Liberty and freedom W/L

Dub wise - Roll call

Atomic - Ignition record

Juliette James - Take it easy remix

Shaggy -Those meddlesome kids

MAD -make it happen W/L

Rhythmatic - Wind me up

Shifty Overload - do it promo

Two - let’s do this

Paul Young - Jam the dance 92

Surgeon General’s Relapsed Mix UNIE24 W/L

James Burrell Hey Mister DJ W/L

Sunscreen Walk ON

Started Again - Have a break

Plastic Jam - Bud khan W/L

Rabbitcityrecords - Force Mass MotionEP

Hardcore Headcases - XTC express

Hard Times Crew - Rought Times W/L

Ministers of Dance - Dance to the Melody

Intellect - Feel the magic promo

Lloydie Crucial and Peter Ranks - World ah confusion

La Bamba/No Skank IR014 W/L

IR007 - Johnny W/L

IBIZA - Roundhouse

Purple Heart promo

Spaced Out Grey Matter EP

Dee Patten - Techno Abuse EP W/L

The Enigmatist - Headcase Ep

Cranium HF - The Deal EP

The Psychopaths - Nightmares

Sky Joose - Rocker’s Revenge W/L

M17 - No Contest

Crossfade - NRG

Peter Bouncer - So here I come

The Sleeping Pills - Aquarius

Miss Lie - Errors in the human brain

Sin - Good time

B-line - Do it again

Audio Assault - Planet Ep W/L

The Warrior - Babylon a burn

Magnet - when will we be free

Urban Shakedown - Bass shake

Baby Ford Chikki Ahh W/L

Bueno Latino - The latin Dream

Love the ‘ardcore - Quest01 W/L

One is One - Legend

Baby Ford - Flowers full

Gin and Tonic - Living Dream

Destiny CIS 92 RVBT006R W/L

Fierce Ruling Diva - Rubb it in

A Homeboy Hippie Funki Dredd - Turbulence Remix

Interface Toytown Remixes

Flow masters - Energy dawn

BNH - Stay this way

Baby Ford Freecloud mix

Tribal Bass - Kicks like a mule

Rhythmatic - Energy on Vinyl

Urban Hype - The feeling

Urban Hype - Sycopath

Sudden def - I got watch want

Our Tribe - I believe in you

Fierce Ruling Diva - You gotta believe

Strontium 90 - Rave on the nile

Strontium 90 - Why?

Danielle+Rochelle vs DJ Sparks

Awareness - Anguish

U96 - Das Boot

Terr3T - Way out West - Shoot W/L

Digital Boy - Gimme a fat beat

Donna Gardier - Good thing

Sonic records - Don’t stop derrange

haywire - Something for your mind

Urban Jungle Productions - Ecstasy

Prizna X KUS01 W/L

Sunscreen - Pressure Us

Felix No.1

Felix - Stars

K-Klass - Don;t Stop

K-Klass So right

Sonic Boom - Tralala

Tribal Underground - Cocaine

Strat7 MI5 Ain’t that W/L

Strategy - Industrial Ep

Institution - It’s Not Over

Inner Trance - High Up on rhythm

Son Of God - free up the land double Promo 2 LP

Fire - Abominator

Expression - Momentary Bliss EP

Knight Phantom - Worldwide Terror W/L

Kym Gazelle - Love me the right way

Yello - The Race/Bostic

NAM - feel the fire

PSychtropic - Hardcore/Goodtime W?L

The World of Baby Ford

Dome Patrol - The cutting Edge promo

URtheOne - Novation

Scott Barkey - Hybrid keys

Pandemic- Slammin

2-Together- Major Worries

baby Ford- Beach Bump

Hope- Disco Monster W/L

DSP - What Ya Want

Home-Grown - Let the bongos sing

Pascal’s bongo Massive

Solo - rainbow

The Afro Boys ?– Sound Boy / Unity

Uncle 22 - To the core W/L

Tekniq - Sollous

Tekniq- belief

Xl Rhythm - Seduction

DJ Phantasy - Lets get it on

NJOI - the drumstick ep

Jamaica Mix - Frontiers

DJ Burnz - Bagpuss W/L

People from mars - Wild Planet

Home-Grown - How does it make you feel

B-Tech Volume 4

Conduct - Autumn Leave W/L

Sunscreem- Borken English

Doc Scott - NHS2 Second Chapter

Smart E’s Bogus Adventure promo

Ray Keith - Destroy ADV004 test press

ICON 1 Rejoice W/L

The Linguists - Bonjuorno

Space Cadet - Don’t you want my love

Soundings MDE001 W/L

Love 2 Love - The bEginning

4 Slots for Bill - Focus

Life Connection - I love Music

Karma - Break Down the Walls

Sunscreen - Pressure US SXS

Tribeka - Rave Genration

Cyberdream - Virtually Dolphin

DC Various - full on sampler

Men United - IS that love

Semi-real - People Livin today

Fathers of Sound - Revelation W/L

Smells Like Heaven - Londres Strutt

Usurp - Sweet

Family Foundation - Can U

AnticAcapella - Evryday

Todd Black - Kinda Groovy

Apollo 440 - Astral America

CMC - Techno Drome W/L

Baby Ford Chikki remixes

BabyFord - Milky Tres

Fantasy UFO EP

XLD True - So much trouble

Fierce Ruling Diva - A great man

Sven Vath - Accident in paradise

Bassheads - Statr a brand new life

Sonic Experience - Can’t get a enough

Kay9 - music in my mind

Vinyl Vandals - Don’t be so serious

Vinyl Vandals - Headstrong

Thelma and Fred - it’s not over W/L

Why not? STR7293 Pt 1

Techno Grooves - Mach 8

Bass Construction The Ep Pt 2

Sugar men - Feel it

Ade - Reach out your Love - promo

Prohibition - Soul survivor

Laura Allen - Rhythm of your love

Trey Lorenz - Photograph of Mary

D-Pressure - Lets jam the house

Lux - Singlatune W/L

Cosmic- Cabbage W/L

Prizna X - Underground Roots W/L


Gravity - Betrayed

Kurt Rogers - Zone Tripper

Tim Right - Get Funky

Mother Alpha Delta - Body Action

Global Mention - Splice of Life

Mint Sauce - Apollo 13

Hoodlum Priest - Capital of pain

Apollo440 - Blackout

Feel Surreal Remixes W/L

Altern8 Vs Evelyn King

Tekno 2 - Psycho

Tone Def- Freedom

Let’s Go - Killersound

Turntable Symphony - Instructions of Life

Inner Accuser - We love you too

Synergy - One way only

Beat in Time - the real time

Full Force - Love is for suckers

Monkey wrench OYC promo

Konspiracy - its all right

Ronny Jordan - Get to grips

Seal - Future Love ep

Galaxy 2 - Somebody Screams

Champion - Mig33

Black Britain - Real Life

Baby Ford - In your Blood

PSI Division - Mindxxx2000

Moodswings - Spiritual High

St Melody - Utopia

Time Unlimited - Naked

Steve C Charles _ Change your mind

Codine - Heaven and hell promo

Mello Core - Good feeling

The African - Eni Menni

Space records- Escape from he fir

Horse - Celebrate

Evolution Dance Pt 1

Baby June - I will be free

Baby June - Hey what’s your name

Fonz- Hate

DV8 - dedicated to Boris promo

Neon - Without Control

Ottorongo - Five o clock

Red Plaza - Jammin

Lion rock - packet of peace

International Foot Language - life on loop 2 lp

Splix - Nasty Rhythm

Pride 95 2 lP

Pdf - Brick by Brick W/L

Zinnia - Corruption

The Creator - Regulator

Esq - Rum and black

Hackney Hardcore

Oceanic Wicked Love

Njoi - Live in Manchester

MPeople - One Night

George norman’s haywire theme

Zero zero - Sanity Clause w/l

Nu-MAtic - Spring in my step

Time to get UP EP

Atomic - Hallelujah

Power of american natives

Dimension 5 - Utopia

Klubzone 1 - soft to hard

Klubzone 1 - Boom ah

Shut up and dance - art of moving butts

Erb- back from detox

Two 4 Soul - Why won’t you love me

C/R2 - 2 phase ep promo

Planet of Noise - energy overload

Smart systems - the tingler

Shaft - Rhubarb and custard

Faze 2 - me israelites chops etc

RRH - run free

Liquid - time to get up

Funk Essential - Only you

Pandella - This time baby

Tony D Keep on Shining

Mix Factory Miracles 2LP promo

Bass Kruncher - keep calm

Next Fashion - Error

Hypnotist - House is mine W/L

Project One - Roughneck remixes W/L

Pro Gress - Drive

808 state - Olympic 93

808 State - 10x10

808 State - oops

Deep House Soldiers offset music

Synergy puttinitoutthere

Groovy Guardians - body enegery ep

Uneaq- only you

Chuck Love - Spreadthe love

Diplomats of soul - someday

The S Men - Back

Julius Papp - Abstract Latin Journey

Jansa Y Juju - Organic session

Groove Junkies - Devotion

The Boosters Sex Machine

Bassheads - Who can make me feel good

Output - Reset

Free love foundation - The Sound

Evolution - Jaywalking

Nam - Recycler

Turbulence EP

Deep Sea - No More Technologee

Masters of the Universe Ep

Skila - Hypno Art

Mental fusion - Jones and Co

Bass Kruncher - magic flute

FBK get down

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