Led Zeppelin Absence (Toasted) 2LP
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ORIGINAL 2LP Led Zeppelin - Absence

Cover: Toasted 2S 921
Matrix: 2S 921-A/B/C/D
Release Date: 1980
Country of Origin: USA
Condition: VG/NM

Side 1: No Quarter (22:00)/Tangerine (5:00)
Side 2: Kashmir (9:06)/Going To California (5:02)/That's The Way (7:43)/Woodstock (5:02 - an excerpt from Dazed And Confused medley)

Recording: Very good stereo soundboard. Source: Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London, England May 24 '75.

Side 3: Heartbreaker medley incl. Bouree*/Thank You*/Minnesota Blues**/The Lemon Song** (24:25)
Side 4: Stairway To Heaven**/Travelling Riverside Blues***/Whole Lotta Love* (18:06)

Recording: (*)Excellent mono professional FM broadcast; (**)Excellent stereo professional pre-FM soundboard radio recording; (***)Excellent mono professional pre-FM soundboard radio recording.
Source: (*)Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada Mar. 21 '70; (**)In Concert, Paris Theatre, London, England Apr. 1 '71; (***)Maida Vale Studio 4 (BBC - Top Gear with John Peel), London, England June 24 '69.

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