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SUN No. 215..  This record is a well known, very hard to find item.  It is the 2nd most valued Elvis record, right behind Sun 210.  2018 Goldmine price guide show it valued at $ 5000 NM, $3500 VG+, $2000 VG.  It's all about condition. 
Visually, there are some superficial scratches on both sides.  I would say the tracks LOOK VG.  Labels are in extremely good condition with no wear issues, only slight soiling at high points.  Push marks are evident and show no wear at all.  Pics show condition clearly.  I would say labels are a strong VG+.  
"You're a Heartbreaker" has little to no noise, just some slight 'Sun Hum', the hiss which is present in all the sun pressings of that era.  The music dominates.  This side is VG+.  U-141-45 is in the dead wax.  
"Milkcow Blues Boogie" is not as good.  The music starts a little noisy, the light static type.   If you recall, they start the song as a blues , but Elvis stops the band and says to "crank it up".  While the music is stopped and Elvis is talking, there are 7 or so tics, or light pops, apparently from a small scratch.  The tics stop as they start the music again, and the music sounds good throughout, although I think I heard another tic thru the rest of the song. This side is a VG.   U-140-45 shows in the dead wax.  I bought this record in the record store in 1955.  It had no factory sleeve as we know today, just a brown sleeve, which is long gone.  It was played frequently for a period of time, and then put away.  Only played it again when I play-tested it to list it on Ebay, hence the reasonably good condition.  
Overall, I feel that the record has to be judged as VG, sadly for me, (after holding for 63 years) due to the noise and the tics present on the "Milkcow" side,  "Heartbreaker' does have great overall sound, and the record has very clean labels.  Goldmine, as I said above, says VG is valued at $2000, however in the real world, I will cut that in half plus and start the auction at $900.

I ship free to the 50 states only.  I will ship internationally using GSP, where you pay the cost of the overseas part.  Since I am in central Texas, equidistant from the east coast to the west coast to the Canadian border, shipping time to the lower 48 should take no more than 3 days.  to Alaska and Hawaii, a little longer.
Paypal only.  Check my other listings. Good luck and thanks for looking.

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