Three Aces and A Joker GRC 104 Sleigh Bell Rock / Booze Party Rare Rockabilly
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Just in time for your rockabilly holiday season, here is a beautiful copy of the super rare "Sleigh Bell Rock" b/w "Booze Party" single from 1959 on Salt Lake City's GRC records.  This was written and recorded by local club band Three Aces and a Joker, with the A-side maybe the greatest rockabilly Christmas song ever, and the B-side intended to bookend the Christmas season as an ode to New Year's Eve.  As a local single released in 1959, certainly that B-side never received much radio play in alcohol-unfriendly Utah.  According to Discogs, only 600 copies of this were pressed - it is extremely rare with only a couple of copies showing up on Popsike during the last ten years (most of the copies listed on Popsike are reissues).  This is a guaranteed original copy.  A-side etchings in the runoff: "GRC 45-104 (1:48)", "sJw", "MR" (? - hard to tell exactly, almost looks like a "(European 7)VR), "JM".  B-side etchings in the runoff: "GRC 45-104 (2:18)","sJw", "MR" (same question on what it is exactly), "JM". I have added photos of the etchings, as best as I could get them to  photograph. Out of however many of the original 600 pressings are still around, you will be hard pressed to top this copy.  Vinyl grades NM with barely a mark on it - a couple of superfine small hairlines that you have to look hard to find and that in no way affect playback; excellent gloss; plays like new.  Maroon GRC labels grade VG+++: lightest of rubbing on the B-side; logo and graphics are clear and bright; solid, deep maroon color.  If you need a final keeper copy of this impossible-to-find record for your rockabilly collection, grab this one, you won't find better.
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