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BRIAN JONES [Rolling Stones] Demo I WANT YOU TO KNOW Dec 1963 Emidisc 7" ACETATE
    Jul 6, 2020  

  £   7,000
  $   8,830

    Nov 4, 2020  

  £   6,889
  $   8,690

    May 15, 2006  

  $   8,988

    May 8, 2016  

  £   6,100
  $   7,694

    Oct 8, 2006  

  $   7,100

    Oct 8, 2006  

  $   5,650

    Aug 5, 2007  

  $   5,478

    Mar 13, 2015  

  A$   7,000
  $   5,648

    Oct 2, 2022  

  £   3,600
  $   4,541

QUEEN LIAR original 1973 UK 1-sided Emidisc 7" acetate. Different Version 4.58
    Oct 22, 2023  

  £   3,000
  $   3,784

Pink Floyd: Piper At The Gates Of .. UK EMIDISC ACETATE
    May 27, 2007  

  $   3,605

    Aug 5, 2007  

  $   3,350

BUDGIE Squawk UK original Emidisc acetate full LP
    Aug 3, 2019  

  £   2,500
  $   3,153

    Dec 2, 2007  

  $   3,200

David Bowie "C'est La Vie" Orig UNRELEASED 45 Emidisc Acetate UK HEAR
    May 8, 2023  

  $   2,800

BEATLES: Hello Goodbye -10" UK Emidisc acetate with COA
    May 23, 2011  

  $   2,772

The Beatles Christmas Record - Unique & Genuine UK *EMIDISC LP ACETATE* 1963-'67
    Dec 13, 2020  

  £   2,050
  $   2,586

ROLLING STONES "Sittin'/Fence" UK Emidisc ACETATE 7" w/COA from Shirley Arnold
    Jun 7, 2022  

  £   2,000
  $   2,523

Pink Floyd See Emily Play 1 Sided 7” Emidisc Acetate 1967 Different Version 3.08
    May 18, 2020  

  £   2,000
  $   2,523

Emidisc Bach Chaconne unreleased EMI Acetate Gioconda De Vito Violin
    Apr 2, 2016  

  £   2,000
  $   2,523

Brute Force King of Fuh 7" vinyl UK Emidisc 1969 hand written label one sided
    Nov 20, 2023  

  £   1,838
  $   2,318

    Sep 17, 2013  

  C$   3,200
  $   2,727

BEATLES, 10" metal ACETATE, 78 rpm (2 sided-2 songs) EMIDISC "Thank You Girl"
    Mar 2, 2014  

  $   2,557

BEATLES: I'll Follow The Sun-7" UK Emidisc acetate/COA
    May 23, 2011  

  $   2,550

BEATLES, 8" metal ACETATE single EMIDISC "Tomorrow Never Knows" UNISSUED VERSION
    Jan 26, 2014  

  $   2,475


1356 releases found in discography

Artist Release Name Cat.No. Label Format Year Country
Mike VickersThe EMIDISC Theme / On The Brink  EMIDISC 101EMIDISC7", , , 1996UK
The Beach BoysSunflower  1C 048-50 791Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, Germany
Pink FloydRelics  048 CRY 50 740Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Reissue, Germany
The Beach BoysSurf's Up  1C 048-51 111Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, Germany
Pink FloydRelics  1 C 048-50 740Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Stereo, 1971Germany
The Mamas & The PapasIf You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears  5C 048-50 723Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, Netherlands
HeinoHeino  5C 048-51797Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Netherlands
Pink FloydRelics  1J 048-50.740Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Stereo, 1971Spain
Focus (2)House Of The King  5C 028-25 130Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1976Netherlands
VariousAmerika-Hawaii - Non Stop International Party Music  5C 048-51 786Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Netherlands
Johnny JordaanDe Allerbeste Van...  DAG 145Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Netherlands
The Beach BoysGood Vibrations  C 048-50 702Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Germany
Badly Drawn BoyBorn In The U.K.  BITUK 001Emidisc (3)7", Single Sided, Limited Edition, 2006UK
The Batucada's SevenAsturias  2C 048 50771Emidisc (2)LP, , , 1972France
I GufiLa Balilla  3C 034-50467 MEmidisc (2)LP, Reissue, , Italy
The Golden Gate QuartetGolden Gate Portrait  6E 048-50611Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Denmark
Nat King ColeNat King Cole's Greatest Hits  C 048-50 707 MEmidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1970Germany
Pink FloydRelics  5C 048-50740Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Repress, 1971Netherlands
KenickieMillionaire Sweeper  DISC 002EMIDISC7", Single, Limited Edition, 1996UK
KenickieIn Your Car  DISC 005EMIDISC7", Single, Limited Edition, 1996UK
KenickieNightlife  DISC 006EMIDISC7", 45 RPM, Single, Picture Disc1997UK
Pink FloydRelics  2C 048 - 50.740Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1971France
The George Shearing QuintetOh, Look At Us Now!  DAG 157Emidisc (2)LP, , , Netherlands
The AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun  6E 048-50731Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Denmark
The Cannonball Adderley QuintetMercy, Mercy, Mercy ("Live At The Club")  5 C 048-50 710Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, Netherlands
KenickiePunka  DISC 007EMIDISC7", Single, Limited Edition, Reissue1997UK
Various16 Golden Greats Power-Hits Und Grosse Namen  054-EMD-31 552Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Germany
VariousImmediate Presents The Great Hits Of  1C 048-51 776Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Stereo, Germany
The Mamas & The PapasIf You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears  1C 048-50 723Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, Germany
Pink FloydRelics  1C 048-50 740Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Reissue, 1977Germany
The AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun  DAG 115Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Reissue, Netherlands
Shirley BasseyThe Magic Of Shirley Bassey  1C 048-51829Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Germany
The Cannonball Adderley QuintetMercy, Mercy, Mercy  C 048-50 710Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, 1980Germany
Jaap FischerEn Toen....  C 048-50 653Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Reissue, Netherlands
Russ ConwayLesson One  5C 048-50 745Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Compilation, Netherlands
VariousHigh Society (Die Oberen Zehntausend) (Motion Picture Soundtrack)  1C 048-50 714Emidisc (2)LP, Reissue, , 1970Germany
The AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun  4E 048-50731Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Sweden
The Dave Clark FiveThe Best Of The Dave Clark Five  1C 048-50 737Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Germany
Hugo Strasser Und Sein TanzorchesterHugo Strasser Bittet Zum Tanz (Strictly For Dancing)  1C 048-50 602Emidisc (2)LP, , , Germany
DenimNovelty Rock  ADISC 001EMIDISCLP, Album, Compilation, 1997UK
Pink FloydRelics  3C 048 50 740Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1971Italy
Franck Pourcel Et Son Grand OrchestreInternational  1 C 048-50 613Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1970Germany
The Cannonball Adderley QuintetMercy, Mercy, Mercy ("Live At The Club")  C 048-50 710Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, Germany
The AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun  C 048-50 731Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1970Germany
The MoveBrontosaurus  noneEmidisc (3)7", 45 RPM, Single Sided, UK
The NiceHang On To A Dream  1C 048-50 722Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Germany
Jan AkkermanGuitar For Sale  5C 048-51105Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, 1973Netherlands
Georges ChelonJe Me Souviens  2C 148-51484/5Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1974France
Amen CornerChart Busters  C 048-50 721Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Netherlands
KenickiePunka  DISC 001Emidisc7", Single, Limited Edition, 1996UK
VariousBenidorm  1 J 048-51.822Emidisc (2)LP, , , 1974Spain
Che & RayLive!  058 EMD 33 942Emidisc (2)LP, , , 1977Germany
Edith PiafChante  1C 048-50 612Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Germany
Pino CalviMotivi Da Films  3C 034-51505Emidisc (2)LP, Album, , 1974Italy
The AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun  5C 048-50731Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Europe
Julien ClercJulien Clerc  5C 048-52116Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Netherlands
The AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun  1 J 048-50.731Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Reissue, Spain
The SeekersSeekers Seen In Green  5C 048-50 728Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, 1976Netherlands
The NiceHang On To A Dream  5C 048-50722Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1970Netherlands
Frank SinatraFrank Sinatra's Greatest Hits  5C 048-50701Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Netherlands
Love SculptureDave Edmunds & Love Sculpture  5C 034-05637Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Netherlands
Glen CampbellBy The Time I Get To Phoenix  5C 048-50 705Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, Netherlands
Sir Malcolm SargentViolinkonzert D-Dur  1C047-50 569Emidisc (2)LP, , , Germany
Trinidad Oil CompanyDance, Dance, Dance!  056-EMD-98 821Emidisc (2)LP, Album, , 1976Germany
The HolliesThe Hollies  048-EMD-50 732Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Germany
Humble PieThe Crust Of Humble Pie  5C 048-50720Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Netherlands
Martin WulmsZambezi  006 EMD 25 681Emidisc (2)7", Single, 45 RPM, 1977Germany
Ferrari (3)Sweet Love  006 EMD 97 644Emidisc (2)7", 45 RPM, Single, Stereo1976Germany
Ferrari (3)Gypsy Girl  006 EMD 98 663Emidisc (2)7", 45 RPM, Single, 1976Germany
RoadBudapest  006 EMD 98 739Emidisc (2)7", Single, 45 RPM, 1977Germany
The Golden Gate QuartetGolden Gate's Golden Greats  176-EMD-31 557/58Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1977Germany
Kingston TrioThe Kingston Trio  C 048-50 717Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Germany
Luis MarianoChansons De Ses Films  2C 048-50.748Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1972France
Luis MarianoChansons De Ses Films  2C 048-50.770Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1972France
Luis MarianoLuis Mariano  2C 048-50.743Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1972France
SantabarbaraPonte Una Cinta En El Pelo  1C 006-21 190Emidisc (2)7", , , 1975Germany
The SeekersSeekers Seen In Green  C 048-50 728Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, Germany
Bobbie GentryOde To Billie Joe  1C 048-50 718Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, Germany
Hannu Saxelin With Studio OrchestraA Taste Of Sax  5E 048-50447Emidisc (2)LP, Album, , 1971Finland
VariousSchneewalzer  1 C 048-50 621Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Germany
Labi SiffreDo The Best You Can  006 EMD 06343Emidisc (2)7", 45 RPM, , 1977Germany
Pink FloydGrantchester Meadows  noneEmidisc (3)10", Single Sided, 45 RPM, 1969UK
Pink FloydRelics  2C 048 - 50.740Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Stereo, France
The HolliesStop·Stop·Stop  1 C 048-51 759Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo1971Germany
The Golden Gate QuartetGolden Gate Portrait  C 048-50 611Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Germany
Anni-Frid LyngstadAnni-Frid Lyngstad  4E 048-51017 MEmidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1971Sweden
Various¡Vacaciones! En La Costa Brava  1 J 048-50.491Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1972Spain
Ray CharlesModern Sounds In Country And Western Music Volume Two  1C 048-50 724Emidisc (2)LP, , , Germany
Thore SkogmanMary Poppins Snövit Svärdet I Stenen  E 048-50420Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Compilation, 1971Sweden
The ShadowsThe Shadows  1 C 048-51 765Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Germany
Nancy WilsonHow Glad I Am  C 048-50 712Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, Germany
Herman's HermitsGreatest Hits  048-EMD-50 727Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Reissue, Germany
The EaglesExodus  noneEmidisc (3)7", Single, 45 RPM, 1962UK
The Dave Clark FiveThe Best Of The Dave Clark Five  5C 048-50737Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Netherlands
Joe BourneShow Your Girl  006 EMD 98 082Emidisc (2)7", , , 1976Germany
Toon HermansToon  5C 048-51124Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Reissue, 1970Netherlands
Thorstein BergmanUntitled  E 048-50464Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Compilation, Sweden
Shirley BasseyShirley Bassey  5C 148-50319Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Netherlands
Lonnie YoungbloodGonna Fly Now  noneEmidisc (3)7", , , UK
The ShadowsOut Of The Shadows  5C 048-50 726Emidisc (2)LP, Album, , 1970Europe
Duke D'MondCall Up The Groups (Medley)  DB 7317Emidisc (3)7", Single, , 1964UK
The Barron KnightsThe House Of Johann Strauss  noneEmidisc (3)Single Sided, 7", 45 RPM, 1964UK
Jackie DavisTiger On The Hammond  C 048-50704Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Stereo, France
Pink FloydRelics  1 C 048-50 740Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Repress, Germany
The Barron KnightsTraces  noneEmidisc (3)7", 45 RPM, Single Sided, 1970UK
The Barron KnightsTraces  noneEmidisc (3)Single Sided, 7", 45 RPM, 1970UK
The Barron KnightsHey Ho! Europe  PEN 768Emidisc (3)Single Sided, Test Pressing, 7", 45 RPM1971UK
HarpoLeo The Leopard  1 C048 - 51 039Emidisc (2)LP, Album, , 1974Germany
Pink FloydRelics  1 C 054-050 740Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Repress, Spain
The CatsThe Cats  C 048-50 650Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1971Germany
VariousVacaciones En Mallorca  1 J 048-50.434Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1971Spain
Jaap FischerAlles Van....  178.51 103/4Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1972Netherlands
Boy GreenGonna Have A Party  006 EMD 98 084Emidisc (2)7", Single, 45 RPM, 1976Germany
Bruno MartinoCos'Hai Trovato In Lui  C 048-50412 MEmidisc (2)LP, Album, , 1971Italy
Ferrari (3)Monza  006 EMD 98 112Emidisc (2)7", 45 RPM, Single, Stereo1976Germany
New FourSunlight, Moonlight, Starlight  006 EMD-25 533Emidisc (2)7", Single, , 1976Germany
Shirley BasseyAll Of Me  3C 034-50624Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Italy
Glen CampbellBy The Time I Get To Phoenix  4E 048-50705Emidisc (2)LP, Album, , Sweden
Billy MayBill's Bag  C 048-50 713Emidisc (2)LP, Reissue, Stereo, Germany
Jimmy PageClapton, Beck & Page  C 048-51780Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1973Netherlands
Kamalamas, DeSurinam Tropical Sound (Skratji Pokoe)  DAG 163Emidisc (2)LP, , , Netherlands
Orchestra WashboardLieve Hugo - Orchestra Washboard  DAG 164Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Stereo, Netherlands
AdamoNon Voglio Nascondermi  C 048-50410 MEmidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1970Italy
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraStrauss Waltzes  E 047-50554Emidisc (2)LP, Reissue, , UK
VariousMelodiparad 4  4E 048-51010Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Sweden
The AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun  3C 054-50731Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Reissue, Italy
Shirley BasseyAll Of Me  5C 048-50624Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1971Netherlands
Arnt Haugens OrkesterKjente Juletoner  7 E 048-51022Emidisc (2)LP, , , 1973Norway
Renato CarosoneLuna Rossa  3C 034-51523Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1975Italy
Dean MartinDean Martin's Greatest Hits  5C 048-50708Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Netherlands
Thore SkogmanThore Skogman  4E 048-50430 MEmidisc (2)LP, , , 1971Sweden
The Golden Gate QuartetPortrait  C 048-50611Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , France
Humble PieThe Crust Of Humble Pie  1C 048-50 720Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Germany
The AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun  3C 034 - 50731Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Reissue, StereoItaly
Pink FloydRelics  3C 034-50740Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Reissue, 1979Italy
The DublinersLive At The Albert Hall  048-51860Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Stereo, Reissue1975Netherlands
The CatsThe Cats  C 048-50 650Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1971Netherlands
Curtis KnightBefore The Deluge  1 C 048-50 780Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1970Germany
Small FacesWham Bam!  C 048-50 719Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Stereo, 1970Germany
Pink FloydRelics  66 044Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Club Edition, 1977Austria
Olivia Newton-JohnRichard's Window  noneEmidisc (3)7", 45 RPM, , 1975UK
VariousNonstop Top 20 Vol.10  E 048-51783Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1973Sweden
The Beach BoysGood Vibrations  4E 048-50702Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Scandinavia
GluntanGluntan's Beste  7 E 048-51021Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1973Norway
Rosey JonesI'm Coming Home In The Morning / Have Love Will Travel  noneEmidisc (3), , UK
Buck OwensI've Got A Tiger By The Tail  C 048-50 716Emidisc (2)LP, Album, , Netherlands
HerdFrom The Underworld  1C 048-51 106 MEmidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1972Germany
Frank SinatraSings The Select Cole Porter  5C 048-51769Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Reissue, Netherlands
The ShadowsSomethin' Else!!  5C 048-51765Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Reissue, Netherlands
Jimmy PageClapton, Beck & Page  1C 048-51780 MEmidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1973Germany
Fats DominoHere Comes Fats Domino  C 048-50 725Emidisc (2)LP, , , Germany
QueenLiar  noneEmidisc (3)7", Single Sided, , 1973UK
Gilbert BécaudToujours Becaud  1C 048-50 610Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Germany
The Beach BoysBeach Boys' Oldies  1C 048-50 776Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Album, Germany
Ferrari (3)Sing With Me  062 EMD 98 023Emidisc (2)LP, Album, , 1976Germany
Del ShannonThe Best Of  C 048-50 792Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Stereo, Germany
Massa Zamba SoundRamba Zamba Party  006EMD31809Emidisc (2)7", , , 1976Germany
Maurice ChevalierMaurice Chevalier  C 048-50.656Emidisc (2)LP, , , France
Jackie Lee (2)Your Other Love  noneEmidisc (3)7", 45 RPM, Single Sided, 1966UK
Jackie Lee (2)It's A Big Mistake  noneEmidisc (3)7", 45 RPM, Single Sided, 1966UK
Jackie Lee (2)You Too (Can Have Heartaches)  noneEmidisc (3)7", 45 RPM, Single Sided, 1966UK
Jackie Lee (2)Till You Come Back To Me  noneEmidisc (3)7", 45 RPM, Single Sided, 1966UK
Emma RedeWindow Cleaner  noneEmidisc (3)7", 45 RPM, Single Sided, 1967UK
Emma RedeEver Or Never At All  noneEmidisc (3)7", 45 RPM, Single Sided, 1967UK
Geoff Love & His OrchestraLatin With Love  5C 048-51802Emidisc (2)LP, , , 1973Netherlands
Jackie Lee (2)Love Is Now  noneEmidisc (3)7", 45 RPM, Single Sided, 1968UK
Jackie Lee (2)Johnny Said Come Over  noneEmidisc (3)7", 45 RPM, Single Sided, Mono1971UK
Jackie Lee (2)Friends  noneEmidisc (3)7", 45 RPM, , 1972UK
Georges MoustakiPrelude  C 148-51456/7Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Netherlands
RégineRegine  2C 048 - 50.633Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , France
Arturo LombardiStasera: Ballo Liscio N.2  3C 048-51511Emidisc (2)LP, Album, , Italy
ThomanerchorMagnificat D-Dur BWV 243 - Kantate BWV 140 "Wachet Auf, Ruft Uns Die Stimme"  1 C 047-50 500Emidisc (2)LP, Album, , 1970Germany
FernandelChansons De Films Et D'opérettes  C 048-50655Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Stereo, France
The HolliesBus Stop  1C 048-50 732Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, Stereo, 1970Germany
Georges MoustakiPrelude  C 148-51456/7Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1972France
Al Bano CarrisiNel Sole  3C 048-50762Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1971Italy
Franck Pourcel Et Son Grand OrchestreInternational  5C 048-50613Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1972Netherlands
Franck Pourcel Et Son Grand OrchestreMade In France  5C 048-50747Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1971Netherlands
Nancy WilsonHow Glad I Am  5 C 048-50 712Emidisc (2)LP, Album, Reissue, Netherlands
Labi SiffreLove-A-Love-A-Love-A-Love-A-Love  006 EMD 06 033Emidisc (2)7", Single, , 1976Germany
Trinidad Oil CompanyJanuary, February  006 EMD 98 740Emidisc (2)7", , , 1977Germany
Renato RascelArrivederci Roma  3C 048-50416 MEmidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1971Italy
VariousThe Best Of Dutch Popgroups  5C 048-50 675Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1971Netherlands
Nicola AriglianoNon Importa Quando  C048-51476Emidisc (2)LP, Album, , 1973Italy
Marcus Österdahls Kör Och OrkesterGod Jul!  4E 048-51016Emidisc (2)LP, , , 1972Sweden
Louis DavidsDe Grote Kleine Man 2  128.25571/72Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Netherlands
Frans PoptieAd van den Hoed - Frans Poptie  5C 048-50698Emidisc (2)LP, , , Netherlands
Peggy LeeLatin Ala Lee!  5C 048-51764Emidisc (2)LP, Reissue, , Netherlands
Erkki Ertaman OrkesteriA Taste Of Organ  5E 048-50446Emidisc (2)LP, Album, , 1971Finland
Louis DavidsDe Allerbeste Van Louis Davids  C 048-50 649Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1971Netherlands
Los AmayaLos Amaya Y Su Combo Gitano  1 J 048-50.472Emidisc (2)LP, Album, , 1971Spain
The Blue DiamondsDisco Dolly  006 EMD 25 365Emidisc (2)7", Single, 45 RPM, 1975Germany
The Outsiders (5)Touch  DAG 104Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1976Netherlands
VariousEwa Roos, Inger Berggren, Ingemar Söderlund Med Con's Combo, Öijvinds Kvintett  4E 048-50433 MEmidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1971Sweden
VariousGrandes Conjuntos Españoles  04850480Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1972Spain
The Outsiders (5)Touch  5C 048-51127Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Netherlands
Old GoldMakin' Georgia  noneEmidisc (3)12", 45 RPM, Single Sided, 1971UK
The Blue DiamondsDisco Dolly  5C 006-25 342Emidisc (2)7", 45 RPM, Single, 1975Netherlands
Georges MoustakiGeorges Moustaki  1C 176-51 456/57Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , Germany
Focus (2)House Of The King  5N 034-25 130Emidisc (2)LP, Compilation, , 1978Netherlands

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